Thursday, February 28, 2019

Podcast is the next big thing, is it?

Audio Content or Podcast is really happening now in Indonesia. Yes it's already happening in the US and other countries but this thing is really getting the attention. If you are working in a media, agency or anything about content, you should really pay attention to this while it's hot.

I give you several articles about Podcast and why Podcast/Audio Content is gonna be big:

Today i wanna share my experience with Podcasting in Indonesia. I've started my first Podcast in 2017 when i just knew about Anchor FM. It's called LEVEL UP by Benakribo. I talk about education, motivational things for the yougsters, parenting, content creation, social media and so on. And in just no time, my podcast got into Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and other platform.

After about a thousand views/plays, i was in no 1 chart in Apple Podcast, and also in no 1 chart in Spotify for several days. So, there are very few people listening to Podcast, that time.

But this year, in early 2019, it took me more than 30.000 views/plays to get into Apple or Spotify Podcast Chart. So as you can see, the traffic is somehow 30 times bigger than 2017.

So what's so special about Audio Content?

  1. You don't have put your eyes all the time to the screen/smartphone.
  2. You can do other activity while listening to a Podcast.
  3. For some people, Audio content is faster to access (almost no buffering) and cheaper to get (talkin' about fakir quota). Because the audio file is way smaller than audio visual.
  4. You can listen while you're on the Ojek Online, in the car, while washing the dishes, while cooking, or before you sleep.
  5. The future house/home will be controlled by Audio. Talking about Google Home, Alexa, Siri and so many things. It can be controlled by Audio, so we are going there.
  6. As a Bonus, now, so many developers are creating apps/audio programs to be put inside any Smart Speaker like Alexa. And yes, they're creating programs for childrens. Imagine your children will be playing with Audio. No visual. That's way better than looking at the screen, so it will cut their screen time.

You're probably thinking, "is there any money on Podcasting?" YES. But not yet in Indonesia. The CPM for Audio Content is big in US (based on Anchor), but it hasn't touched Indonesia. But if you're an agency or a brand, there are a lot of Indonesian Podcasters that you can ask for a collaboration (me! me! me!).

I think that's what i can share now. If you're interested in Podcasting, you can connect with me at benakribo[at]

- Benazio, 2019.

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