Monday, January 30, 2017

I Miss Being Me

 It's Monday at 1 am, I got a thought that I should update something on my blog.

I miss the year of 2009-2010.
I miss being me back then.
Do I?

I miss the creativity process that I embrace every single day back then. My heart pumped so hard that I couldn't sleep if I haven't done anything creative that day.

I remember that I visit more than 100 blogs everyday.
I remember that I created so many websites just to put many of my creative stuffs organized.
I remember that I always create something new, something that maybe no one has ever done that before.

I remember that I barely listen to anyone's comment because I believe so much in myself that I can create something great.

And I did it back then.

And I miss doing that again.

I miss doing something crazy, something odd, something creative that value more than just a number (likes/comments).

And I'm ready to be that person again.
I hope I'm ready.
I think I'm ready.

You know..
Creative people are crazy.
So do I.

So don't judge me because I'm different.
The world will be boring without people like me.