Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shibuya, Tokyo - Japan (Shopping Heaven!)

Two words to describe Shibuya: Shopping Heaven! Hihii.. Although Japan is considered as an expensive country, there’s no place to shop some unique bits and bobs like Japan. So yes, you must shop here! :D
How to go to Shibuya
Shibuya is located in the middle of Tokyo, Japan. Almost all trains pass Shibuya, so it is at a convenient stop I must say.

What to do in Shibuya
As mentioned, shopping! Or, window shopping! :D There are lots and lots of shops here in Shibuya, from a small shop that sells knickknacks, to a large branded shops. There are plenty of restaurants here too, offering local and international cuisine.

Oh, if you’re a fan of Hachiko the movie, the Akita dog statue is located at the exit of Shibuya station. And just behind the statue is the famous Shibuya Crossing, most busiest crossing in Tokyo.

shibuya's crossing
shibuya's crossing
Shops crafty people would probably love to visit in Shibuya
There are lots of fancy Japanese style shops here. I’d recommend you to have yourself 3-4 hours to explore the shops here. Meanwhile, I’m just gonna share some of my favorite shops:

Wrapple – the PARCO building, 15-1 Udagawacho
More like CottonOn’s Typo. This place sells everything crafty from wrapping paper to box of letters. All paper goods can be found here!

Loft – 21-1 Udagawacho
Stationary, home goods, and gifts. More to gifts, I think. I bought lots of cute cards and stationary here. They have some fancy phone cases too!

Francfranc – 12−9 JouLe
Interior designer would definitely love this store. Fancy designs and quirky home goods all in one place.

Tokyu Hands – 12-18 Udagawacho
A one stop shop for all things crafty. This is more like a DIY store, a complete one.

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