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Blogging has been 'the' part of my life since 2007, and it's been 6 years now. It felt so fast and I've found that so many things changed in me, and in this blog also. What is it? Well, actually the reason I wanted to write about this post is because of a new friend that I just met several days ago. He also has a blog, and he writes so many things about his life, his adventurous jobs and vacations, poets, everything. And then I realized.

I think, lately I've been treating my blog a bit wrong. I forgot the purpose of this blog. I forgot to write about myself. Yes. The first thing that came in mind, the reason that I created this blog was to write about my journey, my adventurous life, my long career story from the beginning of my short hair until my hair become frizzy and wavy like today (even my hair is getting worse than 2 years ago). I have probably wrote this kinda post months or years ago, but I hope this time is different. I really have to write about my story, daily photos of my journey, etc. I think, the thing that may have caused this problem is because there are so many social media platform today. It's like when I want to write about my daily story and to share some photos, there's already Twitter and Instagram, therefore my brain was thinking that I don't have to write it again in my blog. And now I realize that it is wrong. This content, the story of this blog has to be essential, the complete version of the tiny parts of the story that I've shared earlier in another social media platform.

Another thing that keeps me bothering is about my memory. I don't know what kind of curse that affect me to become like this. I've read so many articles about how to improve memory skill. But until today, there's almost no sign of improvement. So often i lose my key car, left it in the theater (2 times already), forgot where to put things that I just bought, forgot people's name, even I could forgot a person's name when he's actually beside me all day long (this happened several days ago, I forgot the name of my cameraman).

Oh well, I'm sorry about this English post. Because deep in my heart, I really want to write in English, to get to know other people in other side of the world, and to write an international best seller book (amen!). Eventhough i know my English is not that good, but I think this is enough. It's better for me to let it all out, let it flow than hiding what you're really wanted to do for years. It's better to make a mistake, than not doing anything at all.

Oops, almost forgot to start writing about my journey. So, yesterday I was doing a (musical) video project with a lot of friends as a talent. We got to dance a little, and the one who sing was Sita Nursanti (the one from Rida Sita Dewi). She's a lovely woman and her voice is so cute and beautiful. And then, the place was very unique, it's an Auto Gallery where there were like 40-50 vintage cars all over the place. It's like we were in 1970s. It was so cool that I also forgot to take a lot of picture of it. Crap!

 photo by @aMrazing. I'm sorry about my pose.. it was.... nevermind, I'M FABULOUS.

 Rahne Innath Milly Nova Leoni Febrian Alex Vabyo Trisca Fatimah Me Dimas Uchiet

It was fun, eventhough we were there from 7am to 6pm, and I was fasting. Some were so tired that they did breakfast, but that wasn't me! I survived! :) The video will come out next month, i'll keep you updated! See ya! :)

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  1. iya sih bang, akhir akhir ini bang bena jarang ngepost tentang daily life nya. *jambak jambak*

  2. @daniel, hehe thanks ya daniel, lo setia banget komen di blog gue :D

  3. Asik dah.. Walaupun pake bahasa inggris, gaya bahasa khas bang bena tetap berasa. Simple. Ditunggu international best seller book-nya, bang! :D

  4. keren, sekarang postingannya pake bahasa inggris.

    tapi tetep mudah untuk dimengerti kok postingannya.

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  7. ini pertama kalinya saya baca blog abang Bena, idiih keren yaa. Saya jadi ingin kayak abang.
    ngomong2, saya baca blog abang ini gara2 bukunya abang yg benabook (memang mana lagi) hadiah ulang tahun dari adek saya.
    Selamat bang, anda mendapat kan 1 follower baru. :S


  8. gpp bang, be yourself aja #sadap

  9. Hey Ben! well, welcome back(?) :D

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  11. semangat ya bang, jangan sedih-sedih gitu dong..

  12. May be, you have same accident like Raditya Dika! you're totally busy in social networking and then forgot to write fantastic experience in your lovely blog.

    First time, I know your blog, from Alit Susanto. and then i start to write my blog too. I don't know why, but it's happening. All of you inspired me to share something great and powerful.

    I like your ideas to publish in English.

    request: your brother stories in abroad, how do you feel, oke?......

    Mohon Maaf lahir batin bang Benazio Rizki Putra

  13. like this bang, bagus kok inggrisnya :-)

  14. Sekarang bahasa inggris broo :D Well, blogging kan sama aja kaya diary. Harus dijaga baik-baik :)

  15. Hmm.. semangat Bena! Mau nulis apapun anda tetap asyik kok :)

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  17. Ummm...welcome back?

    Anyway, goodluck about your dream.

  18. 6 tahun adalah waktu yang lama dan bisa membuat orang banyak berubah, komentar balasan dong di blog saya www.goocap.com

  19. Minal aidhin walfaidhin mohon maaf lahir bathin

  20. selamat dateng kembali babang benaaa, ihiyyy

  21. Blog memang mengubah jalan hidup seseorang, sebegitu besarnya sampai mengubah bang bena menjadi yang sekarang. Bang bena memang inspirasi gue nih! :cium:

  22. keren postingannya make bahasa inggris men.
    baru baca gue yang ini bang.

  23. Whoa deep post, anyway your English is good but i know that you're still using a normal vocab that people can understand. I love to see you "to vent" like this ^//^


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